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Save Time & Skyrocket Your F&B Revenue With Our Multi-Integrated F&B Digital System 

Why Hire Many People To Do Your Marketing, Operations, And Food Orders When You Can Do ALL In One Platform?

  • Integrated Delivery Partner - From Pasir Ris to Jurong, our system enables you to reach your target customers islandwide.
  • ZERO Commissions - Popular F&B platforms charge at least 20-35% of your revenue. With NinjaOS, you pay none!  
  • All-In-One Interface - Handle all your orders, CRM, menu updates, promos, customer emails & more in one platform! 
  • PSG Grant Up To 80% - We're IMDA pre-approved, all Singapore businesses that qualify can enjoy PSG grant up to 80% 

Manage your dine-ins, reservations, takeaways and deliveries ALL in one place!  



Dine In


NinjaOS Is Trusted By These Popular Brands

"We started generating 5 figures in additional revenue every month and saved so much time."

Deanna's Kitchen

"We sold 6 figures in 2 months online and saved thousands of dollars in commissions."

Chix Hot Chicken

How It Works? 

Check out how simple and easy it is to transition your F&B business online with our pre-built modules. Get it set up and receive your first order within 7 days! 

Here's What NinjaOS Does For You (& More!)

  • Setup Your Custom Website in 7 Days!

Completely DONE FOR YOU! Just send us your logo, menu, pictures and information and we'll handle the rest.

  • Available across all devices & services, 24/7

Customers can use your system on their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop to place orders in advanced or on the spot. Business transactions take place 24/7 even in your sleep.

  • Automate Your Marketing

Get preset templates to engage with your customers any time via newsletters and SMS. Reward them with e-vouchers or cashback loyalty for hitting certain points. 

  • Gain Full Control Of Your Marketing

We set up your website in your own domain name, making life easier to reach your target audience on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs, etc.

  • Zero Commissions & Hidden Fees

A flat monthly fee keeps you always at a healthy spot to grow your business. No more stress.

  • Integrated Payments

Direct integrations with more than 10 Payment Gateway Options (Credit/Debit, GrabPay, RazorPay, Bank Transfer, and many others). No more cashflow issues when you collect payments directly with no middle man!



  • Integrated Delivery Drivers 

We integrate with over 6 reputable delivery service providers to bring you the most number of options at any given time for fuss-free reliable deliveries! 

  • Immediate Push Notifications Of Orders

Streamlined order management with push notifications, plus ability connect to your printers so you don't miss any orders

Why Do So Many F&B's Love The NinjaOS Solution?


Receive 80% Funding Using PSG and $2,500 Cash DRB Bonus When You Use NinjaOS .

*NinjaOS Is An IMDA Pre-Approved Solution 


Is NinjaOS An IMDA Pre Approved Solution?
Yes it is, and for the second year running. Speaks volume when the government and customers approve and benefit from the solution to grow their business. Should you be eligible, you can enjoy a grant of up to 80% in Singapore.
Why does NinjaOS not charge a commission? Is there a catch?
We are here for growth together with our customers. Lets say you earn $5,000, you spend $500 in commissions, You earn $10,000, you spend $1,000 in commissions. Would you still want to earn $100,000 this way or would you want to replace that system and keep the profits to yourself? We all know the answer and thats why we do not charge a commission and hinder your growth.
In what way does NinjaOS help me grow my business?
It maximizes your business in many ways; NinjaOS is an all in one system that helps you organise your customer’s information for re engagement, sets you up with Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation offering superior customer experience to order and interact, engage and increase your revenue with CRM and Loyalty features. Its basically like your second outlet, just online.
Why do I need NinjaOS when I can build on my own using Shopify, Wix or Magento?
You certainly can, but the question is; Does it serve your business requirement and Who does the maintenance and upgrades of features? It normally becomes a far more daunting and expensive process to figure all the features and moving parts yourself hence we have built a F&B centric online ordering system that covers everything you need and integrates with possibly everything that you need. It also gets updated every 2 weeks with features that help you streamline and improve your business.
I am running a startup from home, do you offer discounts or lower priced plans?
Certainly, we offer monthly and annual plans which are easy on the pocket and with no contracts or long term commitments. Go ahead to drop us a line and we will share more with you.
What Does NinjaOS stand for?
Ninja Online Ordering System. Many have asked us, why Ninja? Ninjas are known for their stealth and speed. Likewise, we aim to empower our customers fast and behind the scenes so that they can front their brand/business and grow to greater heights.

About Us

NinjaOS was created when we were approached to build a custom online order system for a mega F&B business with 40+ outlets in every major mall.

We soon realized that there was a real gap in the market - not just established F&B empires, but small mom and pop shops were in dire need of help to run their business online!

Existing template-based solutions like Shopify, Magento & Wix weren't providing what the F&B industry really needed. Then we had platforms that were practically killing the industry. They might be FOR consumers, but ate a huge chunk of the merchant's margins. We've all heard horror stories of F&B's that had to shut down because their profits were fully squeezed out.

All this was possible only because merchants didn't have the technical know-how, time or resources to build their own solution.

...Until NinjaOS came along.

With our pre-built Delivery, Takeaway, QR Dine In, Catering & Reservation modules, any F&B owner could simply select what you require, send us your menu, and we'll get you up and taking your first order in 7 days!

We're committed to your success - powering all the integrations any F&B business needs.

Here Are Some REAL Results Powered By NinjaOS

My customers always order with me on WhatsApp. I had to manually answer all queries on time otherwise I lose that business. With NinjaOS, everything is automated with my own website, customers view the menu, order and pay online at their convenience. In just two months, I have seen my business grow to 5 figures a month with full access to my customer base.


Deanna's Kitchen, Toa Payoh

We wanted to serve our biryani to our customers islandwide and we couldn’t manage all the manual ordering process when things get busy. With NinjaOS the process is so simple, smooth and efficient. Our delivery business has grown to 40% of our total revenue which enable us to open our second outlet. 

Govinda Rajan

Mr. Briyani

I was using another e-commerce solution provider but it was not integrated with Delivery riders and it was very complicated to use. I switched to NinjaOS and it has been really helpful to grow our business. Now I can receive orders islandwide, view and manage my orders easily, assign drivers and collect payments with one simple to use system. 


Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice

In the past, we couldn't reach islandwide due to radius restrictions, at most, we can only reach out within 1.5km to 2km. However. With NinjaOS, we can create our own delivery platform and have an islandwide delivery for all. 


Chix Hot Chicken

We've been using NinjaOS for 3 to 4 years and each year, we see a 100% growth. NinjaOS has helped us eliminate a lot of operation pain in terms of taking orders, entering orders in POS and delivery.


Copper Chimney

It’s time to celebrate 🥳

Join The NinjaOS Eats Program & Enjoy Delivery Credits + Photography

We are always here to help you grow your business online.

1 Year Subscription Of NinjaPro PSG Pre Approved Solution with

  • Commission Free Online Ordering System In Your Own Domain
  • 20 High Quality Product Photography
  • Free Delivery Credits
  • ​Islandwide Delivery Module (Order, Pay, Deliver)
  • ​Takeaway Module (Order, Pay, Collect)
  • ​Contactless QR Dine in Module (Order, Pay, QR Dine)
  • ​Reservation Module (Book & Dine)
  • ​One Click Delivery Partners (Lalamove, Grab Express, Express Delivery & More)
  • ​Integrated Payments, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayNow & more
  • ​CRM & Cash Back Loyalty, eVouchers and more
  • ​Analytics & Reports
  • ​Email Support
  • ​Whatsapp Quick Support

Limited to the first 50 applicants only.

Only reserved for F&B establishments, terms & conditions apply.

One Online Ordering Systems For Growing Restaurants

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